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Center for Physical Genomics and Engineering

A new physics-based approach to reprogramming the genome to treat disease

Physical Genomics Fellowship Program

As part of CPGE’s commitment to train the next generation of engineering leaders, the center is launching its Fellowship in Physical Genomics Program. The program supports projects that bridge molecular biology, bioengineering, physics, optics, chemistry, and medicine, and promotes joint research between the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and other Northwestern University Schools.

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About the Center

Through a combination of breakthrough optical imaging and computational genomics, the Center for Physical Genomics and Engineering (CPGE) focuses on reprogramming the genome's chromatin, which regulates gene expression, in order to treat disease and engineer living systems to overcome environmental challenges.

The Center for Physical Genomics and Engineering is part of the McCormick School of Engineering.



Center Seminars

Symposium on Physical Genomics

The inaugural symposium on Physical Genomics occurred on May 31, 2019.

Our Strengths


Learn about the research that focuses on controlling gene expression with impact ranging from disease treatment to climate change management.
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Discover mentorship programs, symposia, and opportunities for gaining practical experience available to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.
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Knowledge Transfer

Find out how the center trains the next generation of scientists and engineers through cross-disciplinary platforms.

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What is Physical Genomics?

Physical genomics is a new field that involves understanding the structure, function, and fundamental principles of the genome. With this understanding, researchers can reversibly regulate, control, and even reprogram global patterns of gene expression.

The Next Frontier in Biological Discovery

"The impact of this emerging field could be widespread: ranging from treating diseases to improving crop yields and mitigating the impact of climate change on plants."

-- Vadim Backman, Director of Center for Physical Genomics and Engineering

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