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Selected Publications


E.M. Pujadas Liwag, X. Wei, N. Acosta, L. Carter, J. Yang, L. Almassalha, A. Daneshkhah, S.S.P. Rao, V. Agrawal, F. Seker-Polat, E. Lieberman Aiden, M.T. Kanemaki, V. Backman, and M. Adli, "Depletion of lamins B1 and B2 alters chromatin mobility and induces differential gene expression by a mesoscale-motion dependent mechanism", Genome Biology, 25(77) (2024)

A.S. Chang, S. Prabhala, A. Daneshkhah, J. Lin, H. Subramanian, H.K. Roy and V. Backman, "Early screening of colorectal cancer using feature engineering with artificial intelligence-enhanced analysis of nanoscale chromatin modifications", Scientific Reports, 14, 7808 doi: 10.1038/s41598-024-58016-8 (2024)

M. Pujadas Liwag, N. Acosta, L.M. Almassalha, Y. Su, R. Gong, M.T. Kanemaki, A.D. Stephens and V. Backman, “Nuclear blebs are associated with destabilized chromatin packing domains”, Journal of Cell Science, submitted (2024 - preprint on bioRxiv).

M. Carignano, M. Kröger, L. Almassalha, V. Agrawal, W.S. Li, E.M. Pujadas, R.J. Nap, V. Backman and I. Szleifer, "Local volume concentration, packing domains and scaling properties of chromatin", eLife, accepted (2024 - preprint on arXiv)

A. Kant, Z. Guo, Vinayak, M.V. Neguembor, W.S. Li, V. Agrawal, E.M. Pujadas, L. Almassalha, V. Backman, M. Lakadamyali, M. Pia Cosma and V.B. Shenoy, "Active transcription and epigenetic reactions synergistically regulate meso-scale genomic organization", Nature Communications, accepted (2024 - preprint on bioRxiv)

A.R. Shim, J. Frederick, E.M. Pujadas, T. Kuo, I.C. Ye, J.A. Pritchard, C.L. Dunton, P. Carrillo Gonzalez, N. Acosta, S. Jain, N.M. Anthony, L.M. Almassalha, I. Szleifer, and V. Backman, "Formamide denaturation of double-stranded DNA for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) distorts nanoscale chromatin structure", PLOS One, accepted (2024 - preprint on bioRxiv)

W.S. Li, L.M. Carter, L.M. Almassalha, E.M. Pujadas-Liwag, T. Kuo, K.L. MacQuarrie, M.A. Carignano, V.P. Dravid, M. Kanemaki, I. Szleifer and V. Backman, "Chromatin packing domains persist after RAD21 depletion in 3D", Scienca Advances, submitted (2024 - preprint on bioRxiv)

S. Bunner, K. Prince, K. Srikrishna, E.M. Pujadas, A.A. McCarthy, A. Kuklinski, O. Jackson, P. Pellegrino, S. Jagtap, I. Eweka, C. Lawlor, E. Eastin, G. Yas, J. Aiello, N. LaPointe, I.S. von Blucher, J. Hardy, J. Chen, V. Backman, A. Janssen, M. Packard, K. Dorfman, L. Almassalha, M.S. Bahiru, and A. D. Stephens, "DNA density is a better indicator of a nuclear bleb than lamin B loss" (2024 - preprint on bioRxiv)


F.L. Teixeira, C. Sarris, Y. Zhang, D.- Y. Na, J. -P Berenger, Y. Su, M. Okoniewski, W.C. Chew, V. Backman, and J. J. Simpson, "Finite-difference time-domain methods" Nature Reviews Methods Primers, (2023)

A. Daneshkhah, S. Prabhala, P. Viswanathan, H. Subramanian, J. Lin, A.S. Chang, A. Bharat, H.K. Roy, and V. Backman, "Early detection of lung cancer using artificial intelligence-enhanced optical nanosensing of chromatin alterations in field carcinogenesis" Sci Rep 13, 13702. doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-40550-6 (2023)

X. Wang, V. Agrawal, C.L. Dunton, Y. Liu, R.K.A. Virk, P.A. Patel, L. Carter, E.M. Pujadas, Y. Li, S. Jain, H. Wang, N. Ni, N. Rivera-Bolanos, J. Frederick E. Roth, R. Bleher, C. Duan, P. Ntziachristos, T.C. He, R.R. Reid, B. Jiang, H. Subramanian, V. Backman, and G.A. Ameer, “Biophysical reprogramming of chromatin via contact guidance-induced nuclear constriction accelerates bone regeneration”, Nature Biomedical Engineering, doi: 10.1038/s41551-023-01053-x (2023)

W. Alvarado, V. Agrawal, W.S. Li, V.P. Dravid, V. Backman, J. de Pablo, and A.L. Ferguson, “Denoising autoencoder trained on simulation-derived structures for noise reduction in chromatin scanning transmission electron microscopy”, ACS Cent. Sci., (2023).



Y. Li, V. Agrawal, R.K.A. Virk, E. Roth, W.S. Li, A. Eshein, J. Frederick, K. Huang, L. Almassalha, R. Bleher, M.A. Carignano, I. Szleifer, V.P. Dravid, V. Backman, “Analysis of three-dimensional chromatin packing domains by chromatin scanning transmission electron microscopy (ChromSTEM)”, Scientific Reports 12 (2022).

A.R. Shim, K. Huang, V. Backman, I. Szleifer, “Chromatin as self-returning walks: from population to single-cell and back”, Biophysical Reports 2(1), (2022).

S. Yadav, R. Virk, C.H. Chung, D. Van Derway, D. Chen, K. Burdett, H. Gao, Z. Zeng, M. Ranjan, G. Cottone, X. Xuei, S. Chandrasekaran, V. Backman, R. Chatterton, S.A. Khan, and S.E. Clare, “Lipid exposure of non-transformed mammary cells activates gene expression signatures associated with ER-negative breast cancer via chromatin remodeling”, npj Breast Cancer, 8(59) (2022).

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Li, A. Eshein, R.K.A. Virk, A. Eid, W. Wu, J. Frederick, D. VanDerway, S. Gladstein, K. Huang, N.M. Anthony, G.M. Bauer, X. Zhou, V. Agrawal, E. Pujadas, G. Esteve, J.E. Chandler, R. Bleher, J. de Pablo, I. Szleifer, V. Dravid, L.M. Almassalha, V. Backman, “Nanoscale Chromatin Imaging and Analysis (nano-CHIA) platform bridges 4-D chromatin organization with molecular function”, Science Advances 7, eabe4310 (2021).

Prasad, A. Rankine, T. Prasad, P. Song, M.E. Dokukin, N. Makarova, V. Backman, and I. Sokolov, “Atomic force microscopy detects the difference in cancer cells of different neoplastic aggressiveness via machine learning”, Advanced NanoBioMed Research, doi: 10.1002/anbr.202000116 (2021).

Eid, J. Winkelmann, A. Taflove, and V. Backman, “Origins of subdiffractional contrast in optical coherence tomography”, Biomedical Optics Express, 12(6): 3630–3642 (2021).

Ji, X. Wang, J. Frederick, H. Wang, S. Hui, V. Backman, “Spike-in normalization for single-cell RNA-seq reveals dynamic global transcriptional activity mediating anti-cancer drug response", NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics, 3(2) doi: 10.1093/nargab/lqab054 (2021).

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Huang, K., Y. Li, A.R. Shim, V. Agrawal, R.K.A. Virk, V. Agrawal, A. Eshein, R.J. Nap, L.M. Almassalha, V. Backman and I. Szleifer. 2020. “Physical and data structure of 3D genome”, Science Advances, 6(2), doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aay4055.

Virk, R.K.A., W. Wu, L. M. Almassalha, G. M. Wodarcyk, Y. Li, D. VanDerway, J. Frederick, D. Zhang, A. Eshein, H. K. Roy, I. Szleifer, and V. Backman. 2020. “Disordered chromatin packing regulates phenotypic plasticity”, Science Advances 6(2) doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aax6232.

A. Eid, A. Eshein, Y. Li, R. Virk, D. VanDerway, A. Taflove and V. Backman, “Characterizing chromatin packing scaling in whole nuclei using interferometric microscopy”, Optics Letters, 45(17) 4810-4813 (2020).

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Shim, A.R., R. Nap, K. Hauang, L. Almassalha, H. Matsuda, V. Backman and I. Szleifer. 2019. “Dynamic crowding regulates transcription”, Biophysical Journal, doi:

Spicer, G., A. Eid, D. Wangpraseurt, T. Swain, J. Winkelmann, J. Yi, M. Kuhl, L. Marcelino, V. Backman. 2019. “Measuring light scattering and absorption in corals with Inverse Spectroscopic Optical Coherence Tomography (ISOCT): a new tool for non-invasive monitoring”, Scientific Reports, 9:14148 doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-50658-3.

Zhou, X., S. Gladstein, L. Almassalha, Y. Li, A. Eshein, L. Cherkezyan, P. Viswanathan, H. Subramanian, I. Szleifer, and V. Backman. 2019. "Preservation of cellular nano-architecture by the process of chemical fixation for nanopathology", PLOS One, 14(7) doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0219006.

Stephens, A., P. Liu, V. Kandula, H. Chen, L. Almassalha, C. Herman, V. Backman, T. O’Halloran, S. Adam, R. Goldman, E. Banigan, J. Marko. 2019. "Physicochemical mechanotransduction alters nuclear shape and mechanics via heterochromatin formation", Molecular Biology of the Cell, doi:10.1091/mbc.E19-05-0286-T.

Winkelmann, J.A., G. Spicer, A. Eid, L.M. Almassalha, T.Q. Nguyen, V. Backman. 2019. "Spectral contrast optical coherence tomography angiography enables single-scan vessel imaging”, Light: Science and Applications, 8(7) doi: 10.1038/s41377-018-0117-7.

Gladstein, S., L.M. Almassalha, L. Cherkezyan, J.E. Chandler, A. Eshein, A. Eid, D. Zhang, W. Wu, G.M. Bauer, A.D. Stephens, S. Morochnik, H. Subramanian, J.F. Marko, G.A. Ameer, I. Szleifer, V. Backman. 2019. “Multimodal interference-based imaging of nanoscale structure and macromolecular motion uncovers UV induced cellular paroxysm”, Nature Communications, 10(1) 1652.

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Liu, R., J.A. Winkelmann, G. Spicer, Y. Zhu, A. Eid, G.A. Ameer, V. Backman, and J. Yi. 2018. “Single capillary oximetry and tissue ultrastructural sensing by dual-band dual-scan inverse spectroscopic optical coherence tomography”, Light: Science and Applications, 7(57) DOI 10.1038/s41377-018-0057-2.

Ruderman, S., A. Eshein, V. Valuckaite, U. Dougherty, A. Almograbi, A. Gomes, A. Singh, B. Pabla, H.K. Roy, J. Hart, M. Bissonnette, V. Konda, and V. Backman. 2018. “Early increase in blood supply (EIBS) is associated with tumor risk in the azoxymethane model of colon cancer”, BMC Cancer, 18(1):814. PMC6090821.

Winkelmann, J., A. Eid, T.Q. Nguyen, T. Bui, J. Yi, and V. Backman. 2018. “In Vivo broad-band visible light optical coherence tomography probe enables inverse spectroscopic analysis”, Optics Letters, 43(3) 619-622.

Datta, S., R.M Sherva, M. De La Cruz, M.T. Long, P. Roy, V. Backman, S. Chowdhury and H.K. Roy. 2018. “Single nucleotide polymorphism facilitated downregulation of the cohesin stromal antigen-1: implications for colorectal cancer racial disparities", Neoplasia, 20(3) 289-294 (2018). PMC5883624.

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Almassalha, L., P. Liu, D. Banigan, V. Backman, S. Adam, R. Goldman and J. Marko. 2018. “Chromatin Histone Modifications and Rigidity Affect Nuclear Morphology Independent of Lamins”, Molecular Biology of the Cell, 29(2) 220-233. 

Backman, V., A. Eshein, A. Radosevich, B. Gould, W. Wu, V. Konda, L. Yang, A. Koons, S. Feder, V. Valuckaite, H. Roy, and T. Q. Nguyen. 2018. “Fully Automated Fiber Based Optical Spectroscopy System for Use in a Clinical Setting” JBO, 23(7) 1-10.

Backman, V., A. Eshein, Y. Li, B. Dong, L. Almassalha, J. Chandler, T.Q. Nguyen, K. Hujsak, V. Dravid, C. Sun, and H.F. Zhang. 2018. “Sub-10nm Imaging of Nucleic Acids Using Spectroscopic Intrinsic-contrast Photon-localization Optical Nanoscopy (SICLON)” Optics Letters, 43(23) 5817-5820.

Backmam, V., R. Kalman, A. Stawarz, D. Nunes, D. Zhang, M. Delacruz, R. Wali, H. Subramanian, and H.K. Roy. 2018. “Biophotonic Detection of High Order Chromatin Alterations in Field Carcinogenesis Predicts Risk of Future Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Pilot Study” PLOS One, 13(5):e0197427. PMC5957524.

Backman, V., S. Gladstein, D. Damania, L.T. Smith, V. Gupta, H. Subramanian, D.K. Rex, and H.K. Roy. 2018. “Correlating Colorectal Cancer Risk with Field Carcinogenesis” Cancer Medicine, 10.1002/cam4.1357. 

Backman, V., T.D. Swain, S. Lax, N. Lake, H. Grooms, and L. Marcelino. 2018. “Relating Coral Skeletal Structures at Different Length Scales to Growth, Light Availability to Symbiodinium, and Thermal Bleaching", Frontiers in Marine Science, 5:450. DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2018.00450. 

Backman, V., T.D. Swain, E.C. Bold, P.C. Osborn, A.H. Baird, M.W. Westneat, and L.A. Marcelino. 2018. “Physiological Integration of Coral Colonies is Correlated with Bleaching Resistance”, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 586 1-10. (Feature article).

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Almassalha, L., A. Tiwari, P.T. Ruhoff, Y. Stypula-Cyrus, H. Matsuda, M.A. Dela Cruz, J.E. Chandler, C. White, C. Maneval, H. Subramanian, I. Szleifer, H. Roy, and V. Backman. 2017. “The Global Relationship Between Chromatin Physical Topology, Fractal Structure, and Gene Expression”, Scientific Reports, 7, 41061. PMC5259786.

Almassalha, L., B. Dong, B.T. Soetikno, J.E. Chandler, T.Q. Nguyen, B.E. Urban, C. Sun, H.F. Zhang, and V. Backman. 2017. “Stochastic Fluorescence Switching of Nucleic Acids Under Visible Light Illumination”, Optics Express, 25(7), 7929-7944. PMC5810907.

Almassalha, L., G.M. Bauer, W. Wu, L. Cherkezyan, D. Zhang, A. Kendra, S. Gladstein, J.E. Chandler, D. VanDerway, B. Seagle, A. Ugolkov, D.D. Billadeau, T.V. O’Halloran, A.P. Mazar, H.K. Roy, I. Szleifer, S. Shahabi, and V. Backman. 2017. “Macrogenomic Engineering via Modulation of the Scaling of Chromatin Packing Density”, Nature Biomedical Engineering, DOI: 10.1038/s41551-017-0153-2. PMC5809134.

Almassalha, L., G.M. Bauer, Y. Stypula-Cyrus, H. Subramanian, L. Cherkezyan, P. Viswanathan, D. Zhang, R. Iyengar, S. Bagalkar, J. Derbas, T. Graff, S. Gladstein, J. E. Chandler, H.K. Roy, and V. Backman. 2017. “The Transformation of the Nuclear Nanoarchitecture in Human Field Carcinogenesis”, Future Science, DOI: 10.4155/fsoa-2017-0027. PMC5583697.

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Almassalha, L., B. Dong, Y. Stypula-Cyrus, B.E. Urban, T.Q. Nguyen, C. Sun, H.F. Zhang, and V. Backman. 2016. “Super-resolution Intrinsic Fluorescence Imaging of Chromatin Using Native, Unmodified Nucleic Acids for Contrast”, PNAS, 113(35), 9716-9721. PMC5024634.

Almassalha, L., G.M. Bauer, J. Chandler, S. Gladstein, L. Cherkezyan, Y. Stypula-Cyrus, S. Weinberg, D. Zhang, P. Thusgaard Ruhoff, H. Roy, H. Subramanian, N. Chandel, I. Szleifer, and V. Backman. “Label-free Imaging of the Native, Living Cellular Nano-architecture Using Partial-wave Spectroscopic Microscopy”, PNAS, 113(42) E6372-E6381. PMC5081614.

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Almassalha, L., R.K. Wali, N. Momi, M. Dela Cruz, A.H. Calderwood, Y. Stypula-Cyrus, A. Chhaparia, C.R. Weber, A. Radosevich, A.K. Tiwari, B. Latif, V. Backman and H.K. Roy. 2016. “Higher-order Chromatin Modulator Cohesion SA1 is an Early Biomarker for Colon Carcinogenesis: Race-specific Implications”, Cancer Prevention Research, DOI: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-16-0054. PMC5093027.

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Backman, V.,B.E. Urban, B. Dong, Z. Zhang, V. Backman, C. Sun, and H.F. Zhang. 2015. “Super-resolution Two-photon Microscopy via Scanning Patterned Illumination”, Physical Review E, 91(4):042703. PMC4565794.

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Backman, V., S.M. Azarin, J. Yi, R.M. Gower, B.A. Aguado, M.E. Sullivan, A.G. Goodman, E.J. Jiang, S.S. Rao, Y. Ren, J.S. Jeruss, and L. Shea. 2015. “In Vivo Capture and Label-free Detection of Early Metastatic Cells”, Nature Communications, 6:8094. PMC4563812.

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