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Center for Physical Genomics and Engineering

2024 Symposium on Physical Genomics

Engineering Living Systems at the Interface of Biological, Physical and Computational Sciences

The 2024 Symposium on Physical Genomics was held April 26 on Northwestern's Chicago campus. Watch the invited talks below!

Keynote Lecture

Masashi Narita, Cancer Research UK

Gene Regulation in Cellular Senescence

Karmella Haynes, Emory University

Investigating Gene Activation Dynamics Within Human Polycomb Chromatin with Synthetic Reader-Effectors

Fang Huang, Purdue University

Ultra-High Resolution Imaging Through  Deep Tissues and a New Information-Based Theoretical Resolution Limit

 Melike Lakadamyali, University of Pennsylvania

Super-Resolution Imaging of Chromatin Structure and Dynamics in Health and Disease

Joseph Wakim, Stanford University

Physical Modeling of Nucleosome Clustering in Euchromatin Resulting From Interactions Between Epigenetic Reader Proteins

Allison Squires, University of Chicago

 Capturing Biomolecular Interactions at Single-Molecule Level via ABEL Trap Fluorescence Spectroscopy


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