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Knowledge Transfer

Spreading New Knowledge, Technologies, and Innovations

Knowledge Transfer

The Center for Physical Genomics and Engineering develops and deploys nanoscale imaging and sensing technologies to carry out fundamental research, pursue biomedical innovation, and expand the frontiers of science through the dissemination of instruments, methods, and data to the scientific community. The Center has developed multiple strategies to ensure that Center technologies, new knowledge, and innovations are made broadly available to the research community in a timely fashion, and where appropriate, are translated into new tools for the benefit of society.  


CPGE leverages organizational connections between institutions, industry and international collaborators.

Industry Partners

Partnerships with industry and start-up companies help propel the translation of technologies developed at CPGE to confer societal benefit. 

International Collaborators

CPGE's international collaborators provide a conduit to scientific communities across the world.

Information Sharing

The Center deploys a multipronged approach to dissemination of new knowledge that leverages cyberinfrastructure along with traditional routes for making connections and information sharing.

Sharing Knowledge Online

We are committed to the dissemination of new knowledge by leveraging cyberinfrastructure:

Connecting People

Regular events hosted at the center include:

  • Workshops
  • Symposia
  • Conference Presentations
  • International Collaboration and Information Exchange
  • Student and Postdoc Exchange
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